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True Kontemporary Art is a type of art that transcend the Worldly into the realm of Saintly.  It addresses the universal principles, the root of all worldly matters.  It is contemporary now and will also be contemporary in 100 years, 1000years and so on.  Transcend means realizing that everything in this World is temporary, one seeks for the long-lasting impact.  If one's mind have not transcend beyond the worldly matters, how can one's effort be great and how can one truly call oneself Great Artist.  


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Each day, I make one million tally marks with ballpoint pen on paper or canvas as an act of self-discipline. One way to accomplish this task is by attaching a ballpoint pen to an electric drill and sitting as long as sixteen hours to do a drawing. Each tally mark represents a breath. When one takes a breath, one is alive. So, discipline is a matter of focusing on how to make each breath count. The goal is to master one’s emotions, first to make peace with oneself, then, hopefully, to extend this realization to others.


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