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1783 Lake Harbin Road Morrow,GA 30260
Cell: 404-660-0664
Email: Website:

b. in Dong Thap, Vietnam 1985 Live in Atlanta, GA since 1993


2015 Savannah College of Art and Design, M.F.A, Atlanta, GA

2011 Georgia State University, Magna Cum Laude, B.F.A, Atlanta

2004-07 The Art Institute of Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga.


2020 LYNX: "...THE ROAD TO LIFE IS NARROW AND HARD..." The Atlanta Contemporary, GA.

2020 LYNX:Meditation 24/7. WhiteSpec, Atlanta GA.
2019 Richness Through Daily Cultivation: Gallery 1740, Atlanta, GA
2018 LYNX:Daily Discipline: Chinese American Art Council, Gallery 456,New York City,NY

2018 LYNX and the Red Carpet: Mason Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2017 Marks of Discipline: WonderRoot Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2017 Namwon and LYNX "Found in Transition": Stanley Beaman & Sears, Atlanta,GA

2016 Ultimate Heaven, First Baptist Church, Decatur, GA
2015 Marks of Virtue, Gallery L1, Atlanta, GA
2004 The Path to Freedom, Headquarter Library, Clayton, GA



2019 Traditions: Compounded; THE SPARTANBURG ART MUSEUM, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

2017 Nor'Easter: NEW BRITAIN MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART, Connecticut

2016 ATTLEBORO MUSEUM OF ART, Attleboro, Massachusetts
2016 Tallahassee International: TALLAHASSEE MUSEUM OF FINE ART,

Tallahassee, FL
2016 Gateway to the Imagination: FARMINGTON MUSEUM, Farmington, NM

2015 Please Touch: THE MONMOUTH MUSEUM, Lincroft, NJ
2015 Gathered: MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Atlanta, GA
2015 Timeless Miniatures: HOCKADA Y MUSEUM, Kalispell, MT
2015 Art Yellow Book: CICA MUSEUM, Korea


2019        SCAD Atlanta Open Studio, Atlanta, GA.

2018        Supernatural:Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA.

2018        SCAD Open Studio: SCAD, Atlanta, GA

2018        Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, GA

2017        SCAD Open Studio: SCAD Atlanta, GA ​

2017        National Contemporary Art Exhibition: Dedo Maranville Fine Art Gallery, 

                Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA 

2017        Order and Chaos: Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY 

2016        SCAD Open Studio: SCAD Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

2016        Work on Paper: Alexander Hall Gallery, SCAD Savannah, GA 

2016        Small Work: Gutstein Gallery, SCAD Savannah, GA 

2016        A Sense of Place: Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, Augusta, GA

2016        Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, GA

2016        Works on Paper: McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA

2016        A World in Flux: New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, NH

2015        Ley Line: Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL

2014        SCAD Atlanta Open Studio: SCAD Atlanta, GA


2020       Small Expansive Moments, Greenville Center For The Art, South Carolina

2018        Poject Noir, Defoor Center, Atlanta, GA 

2018        City Winery, Atlanta GA

2018        Abernathy Art Center, Atlanta, GA

2018        This is Art, The J Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2018        70th Annual Member Exhibition, Quinlan Visual Art Center, Gainesville, GA

2017        Let Be Friend II: Hi-Lo Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2017        Flourish: Kai Lin Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2017        The Renaissance Response: The J Gallery at Binders, Atlanta, GA 

2016        The Imaginary Millions: La Fais Do Do, Atlanta, GA

2016        Tribe: La Fais Do Do, Atlanta, GA

2016        Mass Collective, Atlanta, GA

2016        FRESH: Kai Lin Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA 

2016        69th Annual Exhibition: Quinlan Art Center. Gainsville, GA 

2016        DrawChange 5k: Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA 

2016        New Perspective: Sabre Art Studio, Buckhead, GA 

2016        Minority Artist Collective: Gallery 72, Atlanta, GA.

2016        Drawing Never Dies: Redline Gallery, Denver, CO.

2016        2016 Exhibition: Kudzu Art Zone, Atlanta, GA

2016        2016 National Art Exhibition: Academy Center for the Art, Lynchburg, VA

2016        The New South: Yu-Kai Lin Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2015        Binders Member Exhibition:  The J Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2015        68th Members’ Exhibition: Quinlan Visual Arts Center, Gainesville, GA

2015        ART 18: L1 Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2014        Something Else: Further Polycontemporary Art Gallery,Atlanta, GA

2014        Cultural Collision: Polycontemporary Art Gallery,Atlanta,GA

2013        Strawberry Art Field Gallery, Alpharetta, GA

2011        Georgia National Archive 2011, Jonesboro, GA

2006       Art Clayton Gallery, Clayton, GA



2014-15  Watercolor Techniques, SCAD Atlanta, GA

2015        Teaching Assistant: Intro to Oil Painting with Michael Brown, SCAD Atlanta, GA

2014        Teaching Assistant: Life Drawing II with Larry Anderson, SCAD Atlanta, GA


2018       Oglethorpe University, Brookhaven, GA

2018       SCAD, Atlanta, GA.

2018       Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

2018       SCAD, Atlanta, GA

2018       Georgia State University, Clarkston, GA

2018       Mason Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2017       Kai Lin Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2017       Stanley Beaman & Sears, Atlanta, GA

2017       Wonderroot Art Center, Atlanta, GA

2016       Newell Brands Headquarter in Sandy Spring, GA.

2016       Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA








2020        New American Painting Magazine #142.

2018         New American Painting Magazine #135.

2018         "Lynx Nguyen on Discipline, Self-Discovery and Making Truly Unique Art with Ballpoint Pens" by

                 Irene Bagach.                      Self-Discovery-and-Making-Truly-Unique-Art-with-Ballpoint-Pens

2018         "7 Lessons I Learned From Lynx Nguyen's 7 Years of Discipline Series, Showing at Mason Fine

                 Art.                  years-discipline-series-showing-mason-fine-art/

2017         "Q & A : LYNX NGUYEN". Common Creative Atlanta.                        p=8635

2017         "A Studio Conversation with Lynx Nguyen". ARTSATL


2016         "Vietnamese boy's talent flourishes once in the US," by Amber Tyner. GainesvilleTimes: http://              

2016         "The 31st Annual Tallahassee International," MoFA Fine Arts Press, FL

2016         "ATLANTA CONTEMPORARY ARTIST LYNX NGUYEN, ENLIGHTENS US ON THE TRUE PURPOSE                  BEHIND BEING AN ARTIST"artist-lynx-nguyen-enlightens-us-on-the-true-purpose-behind-being                  -an-artist/

2016         "Lynx Nguyen on the Marks of an Artist" by Lauren Sennet. HER CAMPUS at SCAD.utm_campaign                  =shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork

2016         SCAN: SCAD Atlanta's Student Magazine, Spring 2016. Vol.8 No. 2, Atlanta, GA

2015         The Art Yellow Book, “100 Artists in United States and Korea,” CICA Museum

2009        'Green' exhibit on display at Arts Clayton, Henry Daily Herald,Clayton, GA 



2009        “Artist Nguyen featured at Headquarters LibraryArt is meditation for student,” Clayton News Daily,

                 Clayton, GA                                    headquarters-librarybr/

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